In 2022, Atlantic Challenge Canada celebrated 30 years of offering experiential education programs for youth across Canada from its home base at the Bayport Yachting Centre, on the shores of Georgian Bay. We offer seamanship opportunities for youth which include rowing and sailing outings and weekend or week long expeditions. A five week residential program takes place every second year in preparation for the International Contests of Seamanship. In 1998 Canada placed first at these international contests in Roskilde, Denmark. Our former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien recognized the achievements of these participants.

We utilize two 38’ replica 18th century French longboats for our programs. The reproductions are of the oldest surviving vessel in the French Navy and are often referred to as the Bantry boat since it was captured there in Bantry, Ireland on Christmas Eve 1796. Vitalité, the first longboat, was built in 1991 by Charlie Allen, a shipwright at Discovery Harbour and volunteers from Atlantic Challenge. The second gig, Tenacité, was constructed by Atlantic Challenge Canada youth and adult volunteers and was launched in the spring of 1994.

We also use the Lester F. Hall, a replica double ended Block Island Cowhorn schooner. Cowhorns were very seaworthy working sailboats utilized both winter and summer in the 1800’s on Block Island Sound. “Lester” was built by our sister organization, Atlantic Challenge USA, at their apprenticeshop in Maine and presented as a gift in 1995.

Atlantic Challenge Canada offers Scouting programs and encourages youth to participate in these and others such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as part of their Atlantic Challenge experience.